Anton Nilsson

"For a strong EU that delivers on the big issues. For a reasonable EU that stays away from the local issues."

I am an economist from the Stockholm School of Economics with a Masters degree in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University. I have for many years specialised in EU advocacy both in the private and public sectors. Today, I work as a Political Advisor in the European Parliament, where I focus on Economic and Monetary Affairs as well as Fisheries.

I am born and raised in Mariehamn on the Åland Islands but I prefer spending my time travelling across Europe or relaxing in the Åland archipelago.

Name: Anton Nilsson
Birthday: 1989
Town: Mariehamn, Åland
Title: Political Advisor
Email: anton.j.nilsson@gmail.com

Important political topics

Decisions are to be taken as close to people as possible

Common solutions for common problems are often both wise and effective, but unfortunately the EU does not always stop there. Instead, we have seen an EU that interferes in local matters that best can be solved at a national or regional level. The subsidiarity principle of the EU, which says that decisions are to be taken as close to people as possible, must be respected also in practise. In this regard, talk is cheap – the EU must respect this principle for real.

The EU looks very different in different parts of the Union. Hence a ‘one size fits all’ solution simply doesn’t work in many situations. We need an EU that allows for states and regions to decide on local issues themselves. We can take care of hunting, wolves, snus and wildlife management without the interference of the EU.

Worried about the climate? To fix that, we need the EU!

The climate is rapidly changing while we many times only engage in more or less symbolic actions. It’s therefore high time for the EU to take ambitious measures to really mitigate climate change. We need concrete and strict limits on emissions. The EU emissions trading system needs to be developed further. Besides the strict limits, the EU must increase the efforts in research and development to speed up the transition to a sustainable society. The forests should also play an active role in this regard.

Agriculture is a business of the future and we need a policy that enables young farmers to access the profession. There must also be an understanding for the fact that conditions for agriculture are different in different parts of the EU. For that reason, subsidies must be adjusted to the local conditions.

The strict animal welfare laws we have in the Nordics are important and we need transparency in the food chain so that consumers can chose products that are produced in a responsible manner. We need clean oceans with fish stocks at sustainable levels. The EU fisheries policy should benefit small-scale coastal fisheries. Recreational fisheries should also in the future be managed locally.

A responsible economic policy for the EU

For a currency Union to function properly, all Member States must pursuit responsible economic policies. Therefore there must be compliance with the common rules by all. Today, we see how left-wing parties across Europe do their best to undermine the rules in order to spend money today only to send the bill to future generations. That is simply not acceptable.

We need to reduce the risks in the EU banking system in order to complete the Banking Union. Taxation is a national competence and it should stay that way. However, tax avoidance and evasion is a serious problem that the EU needs powers to properly address. Tax competition between Member States is healthy but it must be done in a transparent manner. It is no acceptable that small businesses have to pay full taxes while large multi-national companies can transfer profits between countries to avoid taxes.

Money laundering is a serious issue. It hurts the credibility of the banking system and it enables the financing of terrorism and organised crime. The EU must act to put an end to this by reviewing the rules and updating the anti-money laundry directive once again. That some Member States sell so called golden visas is a disgrace. This kind of behaviour is seriously harmful and has no place in the EU.