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Christoffer Hällfors

"EU close to Finland."

I am a 32 year old master of political sciences from Lapinjärvi - Lappträsk in Uusimaa. I grew up on a farm that had milk cows and did a bit of forestry too. My sister is now the farmer in charge of the farm. I studied political science in Vaasa at Åbo Akademi from where I graduated in 2015. I work as a political and data analyst at the Swedish People's partys head quarter. I am also politically active in my home municipality where I am in my third term in the municipality's council and since 2017 I am also the chair of the municipality executive board. I have been an active member of the society all my life and my goal is that everybody has it as good as possible.

Finland benefits from the EU, that is why we need the EU close to Finland. In Finland we have a strong knowhow in forestry and we have a strong countryside that we should continue to develop. The EU should make more use of the different strengths of its member states. We must stop the climate change, strengthen security and invest in the people’s wellbeing and freedom.

Name: Christoffer Hällfors
Birthday: 1986
Town: Lappträsk
Title: Political and Data Analyst, Master of Political Sciences
Phone: +358405610970

Important political topics


We must stop the climate change. It is the most important question this term.


We must strengthen the outer security of EU. The EU member states should together take care of the EU outer borders. I don’t think that an EU army would be a good solution. The best solution is that every member state has it’s own defence force and that together we would be a strong force. A majority of the member states are joined by NATO and I think that as long as the are NATO members there will not be a EU defence force that’s why we should join forces in NATO instead.

Free movement in EU

Freedom to move, work and travel anywhere in EU is a right for every european and that is something to hold on to. The free movement needs its guardian in today’s society as there are coming more and more forces against it.

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