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Filip Hamro-Drotz


My intention is to work for the sake of offering the next generations an opportunity to live in a united, secure and wealthy Europe.
– EU should strengthen its efforts to combat corruption, criminality, misuse and waste.
– EU’s credibility must be strengthened – split among the memberstates should be abolished, decisionmaking more efficient, and EU more proactive globally. We need bridge-builders, good competitivity and a strategy about how EU would survive. We have to avoid with all means a break-down of EU

- The Europe I want is for all ages. – Invest in the future: climate and environment, research and education. - Work on cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region and on relations with neighbouring countries should be up-graded – and a well functioning, secure European market should be guaranteed. Finland is the northernmost member of EU and should require up-grading of interest in the northernmost regions of the EU - in the cooperation in the Arctic region


I have profound experience of EU, based on my longstanding work in EU-related consulting of Finnish business - in EU/Brussels and Finland since the accession of Finland to EU. I have represented Finnish business also in consultations within EFTA, EEA, OECD and the Baltic Sea Region (CBSS). Former Permanent Representative of Finnish Business towards the EU. Durable engagemant in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): longstanding membership, president of the external relations section, responsible for the enlargement in 2007, responsible for opinions about the Baltic Sea Region, the Northern Dimension Policy of EU, the Arctic Policy of EU, struggle against corruption in EU etc. Now member of the Bureau of the Assosiation of Foprmer Members of EESC (AFM). Former chairman of the National Association of Swedish speaking Scouts in Finland, former president of the Student Association of the School of Business Administration in Helsinki

Name: Filip Hamro-Drotz
Birthday: 1948
Town: Kauniainen
Title: M.Sc. (Econ.)
Phone: +358-405108317
Member in:
Svenska Seniorer
Svenska Seniorer

Important political topics

We should build a united, secure and wealthy Europe for next generations!

EU must combat corruption, criminality, abuse and waste!

Better unity among the EU member states must be reached without delay! Break-down of EU must be avoided with all means.