Henrik Wickström

"I promise to work whole-heartedly for Finland´s voice to be heard within the EU-politics. I want to stand up for basic European values; our democracy, our freedom and our rights."

My name is Henrik Wickström and I´m a bilingual 24 year old municipal politician from Inkoo. At the moment I am a member of the municipal council and the chairman of the municipal board in Inkoo.
Apart from the commitment in local politics I´m also very interested in different languages. I´m fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English and I master both French and German aswell.
I was born and raised in a family of farmers. For me the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, respect for others and a humble lifestyle are the key elements for a sound upbringing.
I am running for the European Parliament for the Swedish People´s Party in the European Parliment elections in 2019. It doesn´t matter where you live, I am excited to work for your interest no matter where you are from. I´m very humbled by the 3265 votes I got in the 2019 Parliamentary elections, and I am very grateful to get to be a part of developing both Finland and my dear home municipality, Inkoo.
Matter of the fact is that we have to stand up for our basic European values; democracy, freedom and our rights. We are at a crossroads when it comes to the values the European Union is built on, and I want to work for a brighter, more open, and more peaceful Europe.

Name: Henrik Wickström
Birthday: 1994
Town: Inkoo
Title: Pol. Student, Chairman of the municipal board
Email: henrik.wickstrom@inga.fi
www: https://www.henrikwickstrom.fi

Important political topics

A humane and safe EU

A innovative EU- trade, infrastructure and entrepreneurship

Sustainable development- a climatesmart Europe

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