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Martin Norrgård

"For a strong Europe"

Born and raised in the Turku region of southwestern Finland, I today live and work in Vaasa. I bring a range of international experiences to the table, for example an exchange semester in Germany as part of earning my Master’s degree in Political Science from Åbo Akademi.

Today I function as the regional chair of SFP in Ostrobothnia and chair of SFP’s city council group in Vaasa.

Sports and public health have always been core issues for me, as well as fighting for and guarding a fair and equal society.

I am running for a seat in the European Parliament to represent and enforce the interests of the Ostrobothnian region in Europe, and because I want to contribute towards a strong and prosperous Europe.

Name: Martin Norrgård
Birthday: 1987
Town: Vaasa
Title: Employment coordinator
Phone: 0445560434

Important political topics

Liberal & Equal

Free trade and free movement are crucial for enabling cross-border collaborations for the benefit of economy and science. I want the EU to continue to stand for peace, freedom, democracy and equality.

Defense & Security

I want to work for stronger collaboration within the EU’s defense and foreign policy activities. The ever-increasing threats we face today call for a strong European Union.

The Climate & The Baltic Sea

The EU accounts for just over 20% of the global GDP, which further demonstrates why the EU needs to take charge of political activities relating to the climate. We need sensible political actions that consider and respect the individual citizen. For me, our archipelago is particularly important, and it is up to the EU to secure a thriving future for the Baltic Sea.