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Max Schulman

"To make sure that profitable agriculture and forestry can be performed in the whole EU also in the future and maintain a strong and living rural area."

I am a 53 year old Agricultural Producer from Lohja. Married, with 3 boys (11-26 years). I am working in MTK the Finnish farmers organisation since 10 years. During that time I have been deeply involved in lobbying activities in Brussels.
- Advisor, cereals & oilseeds
- Chairman of VYR
- Chairman of Copa Cogeca cereals working group in Brussels.
- Chairman of the Commission CDG Arable Crops.
- Member of the Crops market Observatory.

Name: Max Schulman
Birthday: 1966
Town: Lohja
Title: Arable Farmer / Produser
Phone: 040 825 2112

Important political topics

Agriculture and forestry

Profital and sustainable agriculture and forestry in the whole EU and a living rural area.

Climate and environment

Minimal climate impact with smart solutions keeping the economy in mind.

International trade

Trade policies that keep small EU countries in the loop.