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Mikaela Björklund

"Caring Europe"

I'm a married mother of four wonderful daughters, living in the countryside in Ostrobothnia. The political themes close to my heart are based upon the experiences and knowledge I have gained over the years as e.g. teacher educator and researcher at Åbo Akademi University, chair of the municipality council in Närpes/Närpiö, vice-president of the Region of Ostrobothnia, and president of an NGO for Swedish-speakers with intellectual disabilities in Finland (FDUV). I hold a Christian world view and values.

Below, you can check out my vision for Europe. If you share that vision, I'd be happy to be your voice in the European Parliament!

Name: Mikaela Björklund
Birthday: 1973
Town: Närpes
Title: PhD (Education), University lecturer
Phone: +358503584684
Member in:
Svenska Seniorer
Svenska Seniorer
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet

Important political topics

Building Peace

I believe in the European Union as a peace project. I am convinced that we are able to build open, participative, and environment-friendly communities. Armies may prevent war, but building peace is a long-term, consistent work of education and inclusive democracy. Hence, that is what we have to give priority to.

Creating Inclusion

If we set our minds to it, we can create a caring Europe, where all people, regardless of their backgrounds, languages, world views or abilities are seen as valuable and diversity is seen as an asset.

Regaining Relevance

We also need a regionally relevant Europe, where the diversity of the different regions is recognised, valued and made use of, where cooperation is encouraged, and it is possible to lead a good live also in the countryside. We do not need the kinds of laws, regulations and support systems that shake peoples trust in democracy, of which the recently experienced wolf-issue in Ostrobothina may serve as an example.