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Nils Torvalds

"The MEP of the entire Finland"

During almost seven years, I have been the Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish People’s Party. During this time, my team and I have created many personal and political connections. This will be decisive in the future when agreements across cultural, party and group lines will be crucial. In the coming parliament we will see a lot of EU-criticism, both to the left and to the right. These forces will use every crack in the more reasonable majority to their benefit. We must unite the reasonable forces.

EU shall focus on the big issues where the member states can grow stronger together and will benefit from cooperating. The questions I want to continue working for are climate and environmental issues, European security and defence as well as research and innovation.

Name: Nils Torvalds
Birthday: 1945
Town: Helsinki/Brussels
Title: Member of the European Parliament
Phone: 0400432262
Member in:
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet

Important political topics

Climate change

Global warming is the biggest challenge of our time. During my time as a Member of the European Parliament, I have worked actively together with my colleagues for an ambitious EU climate policy. We have succeeded quite well in this task. However, this work need to be continued also during the next period. This work needs to be done at EU-level, since no Member State can solve these challenges on their own.

EU climate policy must aim for reaching the goal to limit the global warming to 1,5 degrees. We are already on the right path, but there is a lot left to do. We need to create conditions and incentives for innovation and climate smart solutions. It also needs to be easier for each individual to reset for more climate friendly ways of living. This is also about the supply of energy: we need an electric network that can both produce and handle renewable energy, all over Europe.

Security and defence

EU needs to stand united in questions concerning security policy. When old powers like Russia and the USA is isolating themselves, EU needs to defend the European values in the international playing field. All EU-citizens have the right to feel safe.

Security is not only about military cooperation. It is also about being prepared for and cooperation in the case of a natural disasters and acts of violence. In these situations the exchange of information, trust for the authorities in other Member States and cross-border cooperation very important.

Since a great part of all trade and the infrastructure of society is now done over the internet, we cannot forget about cybersecurity. It is very important that we can build safe networks together, to protect our citizens and create a sense of security, so that companies can bloom.

Research and innovation

Through research and innovation, EU can take great steps forward on so many levels. So much knowledge and innovation exists throughout Europe, in everything from environmental issues to security and science. EU shall be an incubator for innovation and creativeness.
We should cooperate in areas, where we can reach better results together. This needs to be given sufficient resources. Such investments will benefit the whole Union, including Finland, who already is a predecessor today. Research and innovation, as well as the financing of it, are examples of things we can do better together. This is EU’s big ace in the sleeve, and something that must get its funding increased in the future.